Carrigtwohill United is in place to provide soccer opportunities for all genuinely interested in playing soccer. Genuinely interested means that those who commit do so on the understanding that they are part of a club and conform to the basic rules of the club and commit to doing so for the duration of the season that they register for.

  • Membership to be paid in full prior to registering with the club.
  • No player can chose which team he plays for.
  • The manager of the Junior 1st Team has the final say on what team a player plays for at any stage throughout a season.
  • Players registered with the 1st Team cannot play with the 2nd Team.
  • Players registered with the 2nd Team can play up to 5 games with the 1st Team and may continue to play with the 2nd team. Players must re-register to the 1st team to play >5 games for the 1st Team (once you are registered with the 1st team you cannot play any other games for the 2nd team).
  • Any player requested to turn out for the 1st team but failing to do so may have their Membership fee returned and may be requested to leave the club.
  • Copies of the Club Discipline Policy and the Club Personal Accident Insurance Policy will be given to players on request.
  • All players to wear plain royal blue shorts and socks. These are available from the club shop.


  • Abide by all club rules.
  • Make high standards of Fair Play the standard others want to follow.
  • Respect opponents, they are not the enemy; they are partners in a sporting event.
  • Accept apologies from opponents when they are offered.
  • Respect fellow team members and support them both when they do well and when things go wrong.
  • Treat players from minority groups with the same respect you show other people.
  • Be modest in victory and be gracious in defeat.

Players Should Not

  • Cheat.
  • Use abusive language, or argue with, the referee, officials, team mates or opponents.
  • Use violence
  • Take banned substances to improve performance.

Behave in any manner that may bring the name of Carrigtwohill United AFC into disrepute.