• Pitch layout, as below, from edge of penalty area to edge of penalty area.
  • Small goals to be used (Please ensure that they are secured properly to the ground).
  • “D” on penalty area is used as goal area for goal kicks.
  • Small flat cones to be used to mark bye line from edge of penalty areas to side lines.
  • Taller cones to be placed on sidelines 12 yards from edge of each penalty area. This will give a penalty area of 12 yards out by the usual 44 yards wide.
  • Penalties to be taken from 10 yards out.
  • Games are 9 a side.
  • Panels of 16 players maximum allowed for each game.
  • Substitutions can be made in the normal way at times when game is stopped, referee will oversee as usual.
  • No limit on number of substitutions, and players who had been taken off can be put back on.
  • Size 5 (370 gram) ball to be used.
  • 30 Minutes a side.
  • Normal game rules to apply including offside.

NB – all clubs MUST ensure that the “D” is lined properly on both penalty areas.