U8s Coaches – Pat, Ivan, Gavin, Declan, Colm.


Seasons Greeting to all our u8s players and parents!

So a little summary of the season so far, where we are and how we got here!

Our Training so far….

Our season has been broken down into roughly 3 weeks themes, enough time for kids to get familiar with a drill and familiarise themselves with the key learnings of each theme. Our focus has been on three main areas when training the boys and girls, the themes we have completed to date are:

  • Dribbling
  • First to the Ball
  • Passing

You will see that every training session is geared towards ball mastery, dribbling – always time with the football, working on ball skills introduced last year such as rollback, roll over, inside cut, outside cut. Always emphasizing using both feet – now is really the time for boys and girls to become competent with both feet. We started the season in better weather with lots of time on the ball and 1v1 drills where the kids proved well able to demonstrate skills learnt to dribble past a team mate and accelerate towards goal.

First to the ball was a terrific theme, whether it’s making a tackle to win a ball or being first to receive a pass and to go on and score. Moving onto passing – we are teaching the kids to pass accurately between cones and that the pass is correctly weighted, so that it can be controlled and passed back to their team mate. Of particular intertest for us has been a passing drill where the kids pass…and move. If they learn to pass and move at this age we will have a very competent ‘team’ in years to come!

Our first game v’s Corkbeg!!

More games to come when the weather picks up!But we did manage a home game against Corkbeg a few weeks back. The games were played in a tremendous spirit as 18 Carrigtwohill United under 8s did the Club proud with 3 really competitive games! Plenty of goals and fun and a penalty shootout to cap off the day…and lots of mud!

Overall a great day, lots to look forward to in 2018 with this group.

Happy Christmas to our squad and parents.

Season’s Greetings!

U8s Coaches

Pat, Ivan, Gavin, Declan, Colm