League v Avondale United in Beaumont Park on Sunday 8th March 2015
Avondale United 7 Carrigtwohill United 3
– Darragh Hoare 2, Abdul Rahim.
Despite the best laid plans, the first half of this game was an uphill struggle – literally. Avondale are currently top of table and this away match at Beaumount park was always going to be tricky. There is a quite an incline to one goal on this pitch, and Avondale were very experienced on how to turn this to their advantage.


Carrigtwohill conceded two goals in the opening 5 minutes, both of which were long balls played downhill behind our defence who were frantically trying to settle into this game. It was this opening few minutes that was ultimately to decide the game. The opening half finished 3-1 with both teams probing and threatening to score.

With the change at half time, the pattern of the play changed completely, with Carrigtwohill now playing downhill and exerting continuous pressure on the Avondale defense.

Carrigtwohill, again showing the benefit of a strong bench, pushed extra players up front and a second Darragh Hoare goal, combined with a screamer from Abdul Rahim brought the score to 4-3 with 15 minutes to play.


However, the home team were very experienced in how to deal with this type of game and soon scored the 5th goal on the break which was to finally settle the game in their favour.

Ballyseedy Home & Gardens Man of the Match : Abdul Rahim.