Carrigtwohill U11 versus Carrigtwohill U11!!

Such is the size of the U11 panel this year that it is no problem playing Carrig v Carrig matches at U11 level!

This Sunday morning, two U11 teams assembled for the day, battled it out in both home and away colours. The two teams had been arranged to be as even as possible and this delivered a fantastic soccer match. Attack and defence worked their socks off for the full hour, settling in the end for a very rewarding 5 all draw.  Playing such training matches is a very useful way for coaches to see as many as possible of their players performing at the same time. It is particularly important at U11 level where matches are played 9v9 only. The opportunity to see 18 players at the same time is not to be sneezed at. The fact that all players involved are Carrig players also helps players take some distance with the outcome, although for 10 year olds, these matches are as competitive as league matches! It also gives the opportunity to players who are not very  comfortable on the ball, to experience the pressure of a match, without the added pressure of losing to an opposition. They are also helped by the fact that they know the players they compete against very well, feeling that they won’t get hurt or be made to feel ridiculous.   Such matches can therefore be used to develop new players or develop players in positions that are unfamiliar to them.

Challenge matches, or friendly matches are also very useful of course, but they don’t always motivate players in the same way that competitive matches do and, therefore, whilst pre-season friendlies are very useful, their usefulness is less evident during the season.

It is therefore likely that Carrig’s U11s will be treated to a number of these carrig v carrig matches this season.