Carrig’s U8s were treated to a special treat this weekend: a trip to Springfield in Cobh, courtesy of their Coach and Manager Damien Collins. At Springfield’s impeccable all weather pitch, the panel was split into two teams engaged in a number of matches over the course of the morning.


It was these players’ first foray into 9V9 soccer and it showed. Even the players that are normally comfortable on the ball found it a bit difficult to get through the very crowded midfield. The passing was also difficult and the heavy score lines indicated that Carrig’s U8s are more comfortable in their more familiar coerver blitzes for the moment. By contrast, Springfield’s players seemed to be used to this type of play.

It was a great experience for the young players, to see that there is no way to dribble your way through a crowded pitch without passing the ball to players that are better positioned and in space, even if you are very good on the ball. This is probably the most important lesson for them to learn at that early age!