This exercise is a nice passing and receiving exercise for two players which concentrates on a skill that is very useful in matches – taking a directional touch with the outside of the receiving foot to take the ball away from an incoming opponent. If executed well, it is a key to retaining the ball, even in tight spaces.
As always, concentrate on delivering an impeccable execution and remember: practice makes perfect and keep your touches night and short. Difficulty rating: **


Today’s exercise is a technical video on executing proper throw-ins.
There is nothing worse than conceding a foul throw, is there?! The most frequent reason why players give away foul throws is simply because they don’t take them often enough. Work on the two exercises in this video and never give away a foul throw again! A more accurate throw also helps your team to keep possession of the ball when delivering throw-ins during matches.
Let’s concentrate on perfect execution!! ? Difficulty rating * *


Hi all. Today’s video is about delivering a specific kind of attacking pass called a wall pass. Played with a single touch by a player with his back to the opponents’ goal, the wall pass allows the player delivering the pass to (1) screen his opposite number out of the game and (2) put a team mate through on goal for either a shot or a run through the line.
A well-delivered wall pass is very difficult to defend against but you will need a bit of practice to get it 100% right because it needs to be a perfect one touch pass. Difficulty rating * *


Hi all. I have been thinking about interesting exercises that can be done by one player by themselves and i thought about using a kind of “wall ball” scenario.
With help from Jason Browne (Coerver Coaching Munster), I have put together the set of exercises in today’s video.

Make sure you pick a suitable wall (it doesn’t need to be big but windows or banging noises may cause problems!) and if training on tarmac, don’t use your best football.
As usual, concentrate on perfect execution, until you can do this with your eyes closed! This training will make a big difference in your ball control skills next season! Difficulty rating: * *


It is time for our second Club challenge!
Today we are setting the CUFC Family Header Challenge where family members must manage to record the greatest number of consecutive headers without dropping the ball. Your team can have anything from 1 member to any number of family members! Watch the video and then you have one week to send us your best videos!!
Like last week, all the best videos wil be posted and participants will get prestigious Club Awards!!! Difficulty rating * * * * *!!

<<<*** 1V1 WITH 3 GOALS ***>>>

Today’s video is our 1v1 video of the week, but there is a twist in the script because the exercise features 3 different goals that players can score into and it is possible to run around these goals “ice-hockey style”.

This is to promote mobility and dribbling skills in the hunt for goals. Both players compete for the ball at the start and play never stops until a goal is scored!

This is very useful to train our young players to carry on playing no matter what. Keep the goals very small and have loads of fun! Difficulty rating *