Hi all, today we look at the basic skills involved in 1V1 defending.
This is a very important skillset anywhere on the pitch – this is not only for defenders!!! The first line of defence is the centre forward. Everyone defends on a team when the opponents have the ball, so work on this carefully!
If you have no one to defend against ask Mom or Dad to step in. And no one gets through!! Difficulty rating: *

<<<*** HAVING FUN WITH 1V1 ***>>>

This is a more advanced exercise which builds on yesterday’s video. 1V1s are a lot of fun – including for parents!

So Mom and Dad, it is time to step up if your little player has no partner to practice their 1V1s! Don’t forget to alternate so each player practices attacking and defending during the session. Also, the dribbling player has to manage to stay “narrow” – stick to a narrow space because in 11v11 there is no room for slow and wide dribbles.

Finally: in the video, I mention the transition to attack but I forget the transition to defence: if the attacker loses the ball he or she MUST switch to defence mode and try to get the ball back! Difficulty rating: **


Today’s exercise focuses on individual skills in receiving / controlling the ball when it comes to you. This is tricky enough but can be scaled for any skill level – pick the range of skills that is the most relevant to your current level of ability and work at improving.

Headers, chest controls, thigh control, foot control – whatever you are focused on, concentrate on impeccable execution.
That’s how you can make sure you don’t lose the ball in matches!.

This is your chance to get better at all these key individual skills during the confinement! Difficulty rating: */**


Hi all, today’s exercise looks at the basics of Shielding the ball. This is a very important skill for every player to have when there is no pass on and you must protect the ball until a team mate offers a good option.
It can be useful anywhere on the pitch and for all players, including exceptionally the goal keeper if a bad back pass is delivered. Difficulty rating: *

<<<*** BONUS VIDEO ***>>>

We have a bonus video for you today! Do you remember the individual skills video we posted on Thursday? Well we did a take 2 on that theme, with a guest star! Watch the Masterclass ball control from….? Difficulty rating ****


Hi all, today we show you a variation of the warm up called “King of the ring” with two players on the ball instead of one ball each like last week.
It’s called “pass in the cones” because players must score a goal between two cones to pass the ball. So, it’s a great “pass on the move” exercise for our younger players.
Good communication is also essential to ensure both players collaborate effectively in their movement around the area and their passing through the cones. Use anything you can find as cones ? (old shoes, plastic buckets, etc…). Difficulty rating: *