Hi everyone. Club coaches have become very concerned that this long period without soccer is not helping club members either in terms of soccer skills,fitness or social isolation.

From this point on wards, club coaches are going to post a little video on a daily basis to help all players (especially our academy players) to get back into soccer training!

Today, as first installment, you are getting two short videos: (1) an introduction for players and their parents about this project and (2) a video which demonstrates a warm up that all players can do on a daily basis and, before any other exercise that will be posted in the days ahead!

Remember, always warm up before you exercise – click here

<<<*** INTRODUCTION ***>>>



<<<*** KING OF THE RING ***>>>

This is the warm up exercise we have mentioned: it is called “King of the Ring”.

This warm up can be done before every exercise, but it is also a great way to keep up with your soccer skills, so use all your skills and make sure you concentrate of doing them VERY WELL!

Come on, at least 20 minutes of this every day to stay on top of your soccer! ?



Hi everyone. Today’s video looks at basic passing skills – the side footed pass.

Younger players, in particular academy players should enjoy this.

Parents, you will need to step up if your little player has no sibling to train with ?. Difficulty rating: *



This is a more advanced version of yesterday’s exercise, destined to our older academy players and our schoolboys. Concentrate on perfect execution and remember that practice makes perfect. Even if the two players have different skill levels, the exercise still makes sense.

Difficulty rating: **



Hi all, Today’s video includes an advanced skills challenge destined for all our players! Our mystery guest is setting you a keepy uppy challenge! If you feel up to it, you can try to match it in your own way.

Send your short video clip to your coach before Wednesday 29th – the best videos will be posted on the Club’s facebook page ? – winners will be picked in four different categories: U7 to U11, U12 to U14, Youth & adult players and coaches & parents so absolutely everyone can take part! How many “keepy uppies” can you do?

How many “laps” can you do? Let the bests win! Results announced next weekend. Difficulty rating: * * / * * *



Hi all, today is FITNESS day!

You might not like it, but fitness is really important for you and your team. Warm up (perhaps with 10/15 minutes of king of the ring) and then run your legs off along the lines of the exercise proposed in the video!

In addition to working on your fitness, the exercise is also important for working on your balance on the move – particularly your one-foot balance – really important for dribbling successfully.

And this exercise is for everyone lads, No slacking! ?. Difficulty rating: this is really for everyone!