Please note that the CSL season kicks off on Sat/Sun 30/31 August. This date was announced to all clubs at the AGM on June 24 and on the email send to you all regarding team registration on June 25.

For some reason I have received calls today about a rumour that the season has been brought forward two weeks! I don’t know where these rumours eminate from but be assured we will start on 30/31 August!

We will kick off with Premier and First Divisions in all age groups 11 to 16 and Division 2 and all Divisions below in odd age groups 11, 13 and 15.

To ensure we get ahead in potential Junior Cert age groups the teams in the following Divisions will play 3 night matchs in Sept (in addition to their usual weekend games) – one night game per week for first three weeks of Sept:

14D2, 14D3, 14D5, 15D3, 15D4, 16D1, 16D2 and 16D4.