<<<*** IN LINE WARM UPS ***>>>

Today’s video show an alternative warm up. We have only looked at variations of King of the Ring so far and this is too repetitive so here is a warm up used by many managers on match day because it is fast and easy to set up.
It allows players to follow their own programme at their own pace where they can concentrate on the muscle groups that they need to work on most


Today’s video is another fitness video. You probably prefer videos where we play, BUT given the current situation, we really need to work hard to stay fit. If you don’t keep it up, it will be very hard to get back into it in August or September, whenever we manage to restart.
You have an opportunity to do some soccer fitness work every day and this can make a big difference. So check out our double activity video and then it is up to you! Remember to apply interval training guidelines we have discussed previously: work very hard, rest, work very hard rest etc…
Come on, go beyond your limits and enjoy the workout!

<<<*** REACTION TIME ***>>>

This video is aimed at developing the reaction time of players as well as working on short soccer sprints at the same time. The ability to just “take off” and beat an opponent to the ball over 5 or 10 metres is what wins matches everywhere on the pitch – attack, defence, midfield.
The exercise in the video is all about getting players to “get there first” and sharpen their perception of the play around them. Enjoy without moderation! The “two players facing each other” version is as entertaining as it is effective at sharpening players’ competitive edge


Today’s video covers a topic which we have left aside so far due to COVID restrictions, but which can be worked on if additional family members are involved.
In this footage, we consider some common “multiple players” situations with 3 players in action: two 2v1s and two 3v2s (where the 2 defenders are represented by obstacles rather than actual people).
Try to remember these typical sequences that your coach will ask you to work on in training when we manage to restart. It is part of your “soccer education” to know the names of these combinations ?. Enjoy the technical work!

<<<*** CONCLUDING VIDEO ***>>>

Hi all. This is the final CUFC soccer training video for now. The coaching videos project has been a great success and we are going to use the videos to make sure all club members stay fit in preparation for the 2020-2021 season. Check out this video to find out how!!!