21st Oct at Ballyadam

CUFC U-12 V Avondale

Score 2 – 3


The race for promotion from 2nd Division has just opened wide. We came up against an Avondale who narrowly beat Douglas Hall and narrowly lost to Youghal. It was predictably a balanced affair that could easily turn out to be anyone’s game. Somehow, we started on the front foot with good intent going forward. Moments later Leroy cut in a good pass to our talismanic attacking midfielder Rolie right in front of goal with only the keeper to beat. The gigantic stature of Avondale keeper appeared to have intimidated him to shoot wide when we all expected him to score.

That miss proved costly as the first realistic attack launched by Avondale resulted in a nice bottom left finish by Avondale front man.  As the game progressed we had very little chances going forward where Avondale rear-guard proved too resolute to break. It only took some individual brilliance for Rolie to make amends when he seemingly beat two defenders before rounding off the keeper as clear indication of listening to finishing instructions after a few one on one misses in recent games to draw the game level. On a day like this defending was vital. Alex O’Sullivan and Dennis Sitarek where time and again called into action from threatening Avondale frontmen. Of note was Alex’s ability to carry the ball forward at a time when we were getting pinned into our own half. Moments into second half a bouncing ball caught our centre back off balance to see Avondale front man beat an outdrawn Ethan Collins in goals.

In what turned out to be a magic moment Rolie once again produced a sublime goal when he somehow raced through defenders before lobbing the keeper in a tight angle to equalise in last 5 minutes. As the tide lifted heavily in our favour with Alex O’Sullivan seemingly trying to get more offensive from the right back role, we became architects of our own downfall when communication breakdown between the keeper and defenders gifted Avondale a corner kick from nothing. From the resultant corner kick, we were beaten to the header in what proved to be a last-minute sucker punch to lose 3-2.

Man, of the match went to Alex O’Sullivan for resolute defending and carrying the ball forward from deep defensive areas.

Man of the Match: Alex O’Sullivan