Children in Carrigtwohill United AFC are entitled to:

  • Be safe.
  • Be treated with dignity, sensitivity and respect.
  • Participate in soccer on an equal basis, appropriate to their ability and stage of development.
  • Be happy, have fun and enjoy soccer.
  • Make a complaint in an appropriate way and have it dealt with through a proper and effective complaints procedure.
  • Be afforded appropriate confidentiality.
  • Be listened to and to be believed.
  • Have a voice in the running of the club.

Children should also be encouraged to realise that they also have responsibilities to treat other children, fellow players, coaches and volunteers with the same degree of fairness and respect.

In this regard children in Carrigtwohill United AFC should undertake to:

  • Play fairly, do their best and have fun.
  • Be on their best behaviour at all times.
  • Abide by all club rules.
  • Make high standards of Fair Play the standard others want to follow.
  • Respect opponents, they are not the enemy; they are partners in a sporting event.
  • Shake hands before and after the match, whoever wins.
  • Give opponents a hand if they are injured, put the ball out of play so they can get attention.
  • Accept apologies from opponents when they are offered.
  • Respect fellow team members and support them both when they do well and when things go wrong.
  • Treat players from minority groups with the same respect you show other people.
  • Be modest in victory and be gracious in defeat- “Be a Sport”.
  • Approach the club Children’s Officer with any questions or concerns they might have. Coaches and parents should encourage children to speak out and support them in doing so.

Children in Carrigtwohill United AFC should NOT

  • Cheat.
  • Use abusive language, or argue with, the referee, officials, team mates or opponents.
  • Use violence, (use physical contact only when it is allowed within the rules).
  • Bully.
  • Tell lies about adults or other children.
  • Spread rumours.
  • Take banned substances to improve performance.
  • Keep secrets about any person who may have caused them harm.
  • Behave in any manner that may bring the name of Carrigtwohill United AFC into disrepute.